Official League rules.

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Official League rules. Empty Official League rules.

Post by Herky20 on Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:26 am

You must have a wii
You must have NBA LIVE 09 All-Play for Nintendo Wii
You must have a good broadband internet account
You must have an ea nation profile and persona

We are not sure how we will base the scheduling for the league (no way we will use the actual nba schedule, but as most leagues the basics still apply
You schedule the games with your scheduled opponent, using whatever form of contacting him/her
You must play a ranked game.
Both players must report:
the score
amount of rebounds
amount of assists
amount of turnovers
amount of 3 pointers
amount of free throws
amount of fouls

If you do not report at least the score regardless of the score you get a loss. If both players do not report the score than the game is reported as never played. and will only hurt u in the standings.

We will decide the start of the league and how playoffs will work later on.

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